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EUROPEN recommendations on the EU legislative proposals for the Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive and Waste Framework Directive (Circular Economy )

Descripción: EUROPEN supports the objectives of the Circular Economy package and much of the content of the legislative proposals, which have important implications for the sustainable growth and competitiveness of the packaging supply chain in Europe. EUROPEN’s members include material producers, packaging converters and brand owners in Europe across a wide range of sectors and all materials, offering a broader supply chain perspective without favouring any packaging material or system. The roles and functionalities, but also packaging’s environmental performance, are relevant at different stages of a packaged product’s lifecycle and are different for each packaging type.

On average in the EU, considerable progress has been made in increasing packaging waste recycling and recovery rates1 over the last two decades. However, substantial differences in packaging waste management performance, infrastructure and culture in Member States still exist today. A finalised Circular Economy package will need to fully capture those different realities and yet set a harmonized legal framework that is fit for purpose for all 28 Member States. For instance, having an integrated waste management system is one of the preconditions that must be included in current and future policies for packaging and packaging waste